Mortgage Protection Insurance

As a responsible mortgage specialist, it is important that we advise any client taking out a mortgage product, to also take out Mortgage Protection Insurance. This is so that their mortgage payments are (and the debt secured against them is) covered should a range of eventualities arise.

While it is not necessary to take out a mortgage in order to access our insurance products, each application is considered on a case by case basis and individuals will receive advice on the type of cover that could best suit their family’s needs.

Committed to customer care

As an FCA authorised financial services specialist, appointing us to provide a Mortgage Protection Insurance when we provide any of our specialist mortgage products, means your clients are protected for the level of debt that has been secured against them. What’s more because client’s circumstances change throughout the duration of their mortgage, our products include periodic review to ensure that the level offered will still cover the needs of the client adequately.

The personal touch

A mortgage insurance specialist will be assigned and they will personally oversee coordination of the application. Our specialist can liaise directly with them (which means the onus of responsibility from a compliance perspective sits with us) or they can consult with you for you to liaise with your client. An underwriter will assess the application at one of our f long-standing providers, which include Vitality, Legal & General and Royal London.

Mortgage protection range

Working in tandem with our lender network, and by taking into account the unique needs of your client, we’ll put together a comprehensive solution to protect their loved ones and their asset.

Life Cover
In the event of your client’s death, life insurance can provide financial support to their loved ones at a time when they need it most, by fully repaying the mortgage. We will consider your client’s individual circumstances and they’ll be invited to consider the exact cover they would like, including whether to have level or decreasing term cover.

Critical Illness Cover
There are times when clients, of any age, may become incapacitated due to critical illness such as stroke, cancer or heart conditions and it is important that they consider their options for covering their mortgage repayments at such a time. We’ll provide a tailored solution that does not mean they have to fall back on hard earned savings or depend on employee benefits.

Income Protection
Reduced income or loss of earnings can also occur in the event of your client experiencing an extended period of illness or prevented from carrying out their work due to injury. We’ll ensure that clients who take out income protection have a percentage of their lost earnings paid so that their living essentials are taken care of while they recuperate.

Insurance types
  • Life cover.
  • Critical illness cover.
  • Income protection.
Property types
  • All mortgaged properties.
  • Even suitable for non-property owners and non-homeowners.
Client types
  • Non-property owners.
  • Non-homeowners.
  • Existing homeowners.
  • Existing property owners.
  • New homeowners.
  • New property owners.
Client scenarios
  • Mortgage settled following death (Life cover).
  • Mortgage repayments covered if unable to work due to critical illness (Critical illness cover).
  • Percentage of income covered if off work due to illness or injury (Income protection).
  • Only one breadwinner or multiple breadwinners.
  • Other income not enough to meet mortgage repayments.

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