A second charge residential mortgage giving our clients control of their finances again

February 23, 2022

We helped our clients consolidate £101,000 of credit card debt to reduce their outgoings by £1,256 per month.

After completing some home improvements, our clients had accrued a significant amount of debt. The credit items started to move from the initial 0% onto much higher rates and became difficult for them to manage. COVID had affected their employment circumstances meaning that they were only able to cover the interest, not reduce the balance.

We raised £101,000 via a second charge mortgage to consolidate these debts into one simple payment. The clients now make a monthly saving of £1,256. Freeing up this amount of disposable income each month will not only give our clients and their family a better quality of life but it will ensure they’re in a better position to re-mortgage and consolidate the second charge when the initial fixed rates finish.