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If your client is looking for a short-term bridging first or second charge mortgage, secured against their current property for an additional purchase they wish to make, talk to us. We work in partnership with intermediary only lenders, who appraise each application on its own merits, so we can offer completely unique solutions.

For property renovators & developers

We can respond to clients in a range of circumstances, from first time buyers looking to buy first time properties needing work before occupation, through to seasoned property developers who are accustomed to purchasing properties to sell on at a profit, having increased each property’s value through renovations and upgrades.

Filling the financial gap

The flexible financial mortgage solutions we offer are suitable for overcoming a range of situations such as: those purchasing through auction and having to complete within 28 days; or those who are experiencing a gap in the property purchasing chain between them purchasing their new property and selling their existing asset.

What’s in it for you?

Simply referring a case to us can provide you with a secondary income stream because, as specialists in our field, we are more likely to quickly source a workable solution. Our professional pedigree means we have exclusive access to lenders that others don’t. By drawing on our network of like-minded professionals, we can make informed decisions founded in years of experience.

Flexible Approach

Our assessment process has been honed so that we efficiently match the needs of your client with suitable opportunities and make recommendations. We can liaise directly with your client (which means the onus of responsibility from a compliance perspective sits with us), or we can consult with you while you deal directly with them.

Key features

Bridging Loan Summary

LTVUp to 100% of purchase price.
InterestCan get all interest rolled up on top of the loan to be repaid at the end.
TermUp to 3 years.
LocationUK, some European countries.
Mortgage types
  • First charge residential mortgages.
  • Second charge residential mortgages.
Client types
  • First time buyers.
  • Property developers.
Client scenarios
  • First time purchases.
  • Auction purchases.
  • Renovation properties.
  • To fill a gap in the chain.


What can I do to help my client obtain a bridging loan?

To meet a bridging lender’s criteria, the value of the security property would need to be assessed before a formal valuation is carried out, to ensure the bridging finance is a sensible route. The lender will also want to know that your client can afford to repay a re-mortgage for regulatory purposes.

Can my client apply as a limited company?

Yes they can. Lenders will want to see that your client has enough equity in the property they are intending to use as collateral, and the ability to repay it.

When using bridging finance for auction property purchases, is there a minimum term?

While a bridging loan can be repaid at any time, some lenders request that the first month’s interest is payable if the loan is redeemed in the first month. Thereafter, interest is usually calculated daily. In most cases, lenders do not charge exit fees or have redemption penalties.

Can my client apply for further finance on top of their original bridging loan?

Usually yes. Each application is individually assessed to ensure that enough equity is remaining and the client has kept up repayments and also has the ability to repay the new loan.

My client is selling and buying as part of chain, would a bridging loan be a good recommendation?

Each customer’s circumstances are individually assessed on a case-by-case basis which would make bridging finance a good option. Subject to LTV, lenders will ensure that: a) the property could be sold before the bridging loan expiry; b) your client is determined to sell it; and c) that your client understands the consequences if it does not sell.

How soon could my client receive the bridging finance?

Once an application is received by the lender, loans are sometimes completed the next day and usually within a few days, depending on your client’s circumstances. This is also subject to all the parties involved working together to ensure the smoothest, most efficient process.

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