Transforming Properties: A Renovation Success Story with Selina’s Flexible Financing

May 03, 2024

We’re pleased to announce the successful facilitation of a case under Selina’s renovation policy.

A high net worth client purchased a property in April 2023 for £4.8 million, initiating a significant refurbishment project.

During the renovation period, the client rented another property, with Selina generously disregarding the rental payments, considering the imminent move-in.

To finalise the remaining works and ensure a smooth transition for the family, we secured £200,000 in funding.

Utilising Selina’s flexible underwriting criteria, we provided a comprehensive case presentation, including current condition photographs, cost breakdowns, and a detailed plan for the Selina funds.

We extend our gratitude to all involved in this successful endeavor: Ryan/Stacey Wood, Darvish Heshejin, Jessica Horn, Stephanie Martindale, and the entire Truffle team.